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Flutter Spoon. Swipe to select option. Color: Blueback HD. Designed for when the full-size Ben Parker Magnum Flutter Spoon is too big to match the local forage, but you still want a large profile.

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Spoon/Wooden Lure For Trolling; Rig/Lead/Rods holder/etc; Hard Lure/Lure Blanks ... Hard Lure/Lure Blanks; Octopus/Squid Skirts; Stainless/Assist Hook; Boat/Slow Jig/Surf Rods ... Fishing Hook. Other Products. Carp Fishing. Ungrouped; 140g 23cm 8 9 inches Stainless steel 304 316 Fishing Baits Heavy Metal Flutter Spoon Blade Trolling Sling.

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Size 1 Premium Trolling Spoons; Size 2 Premium Trolling Spoons; Skirts/Squid Bodies (Hoochies) 1.5" Squid Body; 1.75" Squid Body; 2 1/4" Pro (quick) Skirts; 2" Squid Body; 2.5" Squid Body; 3".

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xmark_circle_fill — Cupertino icon for a cross of two diagonal lines from edge to edge crossing in an angle of 90 degrees, which is used for dismissal, used as a blank space in a circle. This is the same icon as xmark_circle_fill and clear_circled_solid in cupertino_icons 1.0.0+.

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